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My Wife - My God

Morning 8.30. Chennai Suburban area!

I was getting ready for office. Trisha was doing kitchen work. I saw her admiringly as she is my God and Queen ever!

She was wearing only rose colour nightie and she was not wearing anything inside it. Worse, she was not even wearing panty! She always likes to tease me!!

I am Raja. I am working in MNC. One of the dominant philosophy in my life is "FEMDOM" as I believe the superiority of women. My dream come true when I married Trisha as she was the dominant women in my life. She studied with me in college and I even recollect the day when she challenged a local Goonda and actually beat him down. Vicky was her lover at that time. Then he ditched her and finally I grabbed the opportunity to marry her. I was rich and she was relative poor. So marriage happened. But still, my slavish attitude to dominant Trisha is not gone!

Trisha is well built. Almost 6 feet. She has huge breasts and buttocks. She has long hair and her face is extremely sexy challenging all film actresses.
"Ammu, Is tiffin ready?" I asked.
"mmm yes. Just a moment" she said.
"Bring it fast Trish"
She has come out of kitchen. She is having my tiffin box for lunch.
"Here, it is!” she gave my box smilingly!
"Meeting is also there! It is already late dear. All because of you?" I teased her!
"How alone will I work?"
"That’s why I am saying, we will look for a servant"
"Nope, I have no faith in you!" she teased me and pinched my chin playfully!
"OK start!" she commanded me.....I hesitated!
"ammu, I asked you!" and I felt little bit shy!!
"You want it today itself? Oh! I feel awkward" and she laughed that echoed the room.
"Please dear...Today I have more meetings...I have to go happy. Then only, all the office works would be success" and I pleaded! She was looking me cunningly. 
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I was again pleading her!
"I am desperate dear?" I said.
"okay, do it!"
"No, we will go to puja room"
"No, No. That's wrong"
"No dear...It is not wrong" and I took her hand and reached Puja room! She hesitantly came to Puja Room where many God Photos are hanging.
"If you come in silk saree, I would be happy", I said.
"It would take more time...Is it Okay for you", she giggled.
"Then, this dress is okay”, I said.
"Stand here" and as she is standing, I did the thing I liked most!
I fall at her feet and asked for blessings!
As I was at her feet, I looked up and saw her proud face! I saw a mixture of proudness, haughtiness etc.
I touched her feet and worshipped her feet. She folded her bigger finger of feet!
"Give your blessings" and I prayed my wife!
She was silently giggling. She knew that I was serious.
"pleaseeeeeee" and I pleased. She saw the photos of Gods. Probably she was little bit tensed up. Then, boldly, she put her two hands in her sexy hip and put her left feet on my head!
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"All the best" she said with a laugh! Still, I did not get up!
"Get up" she said by putting her feet on floor!
"No, you put feet on my head...Then only I will get up", I said.
"My morning...okay doggie!" and she put her feet on my head.
"Okay dog! All the best" and started laughing.
I felt as if I have reached heaven! I got up after kissing her place where she stood!
"Thanks a lot darling...I am happy" and tried to kiss her chin and face! She just escaped from my embrace!
"It is weird Raja! I never knew husbands like these stuff!" she said!
"But, I like it dear. You see, today all office works would be success!" I said.
"Let us see!"
"Hereafter, I will get blessings from you every day!" and I kissed her chin.
"Oho! It is already getting late....This is not the time for romance!" and as she said I kissed her in her mouth.
I then started for office happily! Morning 10.AM.

Trisha after taking bath was in balcony drying her hair. At that time, there was telephone ringing sound in the hall. So he was going inside. At that time, some of the romeos stanging in that road were disappointed.

Trisha went inside and took the phone!

"Hello Amma"

"How are you Trisha?"

"Fine, How are you? How is Papa?"

"yes. we are well. Where did you go for three days?"

"Nothing....I had some work. That's all"

"Oh! Just I want to ask something"

"what ma"

"Sudha came to our home yesterday"

"mmm what for?"

"It seems, she saw you in shopping mall. Is it?"

"yes...I saw her at shopping mall"

"It seems, she saw your husband was talking angrily with you. Is it true?"

Trisha was giggling inside. She remember the morning incident where her husband fell flat at her feet asking her blessing. 

" nothing" she smiled.

She though herself, how come an "Obedient husband" will curse. Then she talked for three minutes and the conversation ended.

Then she saw missed call of Raja and she called Raja!

Now Raja Takes over....!

She made call to me...!

"have you made any call" she asked!

"mmm just for fun...No reasons" I said.

"why "sir" has  no work" she teased me.

"what work important other than talking to my God"

I saw her blushing in video call. I saw her long hair. She was lovely.

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"hey! why do you often call me God...Queen..." she blushed.

"Oh! you are my God, Queen" I said.

"Enough, Enough, Don't put ice on me" she blushed further. Her face changed red.



"will you do like you did today?", I pleaded.

"Did you make call for telling time...leave me" she protested in false angry mode!

"Don't you like this?" I insisted!

"mmmm wife blessing ... husband falling at the feet of wife... che che"

"Why what's  the wrong?" I said with a smile.

"are in the city, husbands falling at wife feet?"

"Why other's story? I like this" I said.

"okay...Keep the phone down...Do some work" She chided and she was thinking about something. I saw in video call, she was sitting folding her one leg upon another leg. She it seems started thinking herself as queen. Her face was radiating that haughtiness...I liked it!Meanwhile, I wan sitting in the office, looking into a marriage invitation. I took my cell. I wanted to call Trisha for this reason only. But, I forget this totally.

Just now, my friend Kishore gave this marriage invitation. He was my college friend. Since Trisha studied with us, he was classmate of her too.

The issue is if we go for this marriage, vicky also would come. Trisha during college time loved him. He after that ditched her and went for a "richer" girl. If I alone gone, what friends would tell...! I have to talk with Trish!

Night 9.30.

After dinner I was sitting on our cot. Trisha was arranging the cloths in almara. 

"what are you looking like this? Your face is not good" she said.

"no. Today Kishore came to our office"

"Is it? Why?"

"his marriage pa" I said.

"oh! For that he has come?" 

Trisha would have immediately understood that vicky would come for marriage!

"can we go?"

"you can go", she said harshly!

"Then, I will not go"  I said, and brought her close. I kissed her 3 times. And, I was hugging her and lied for 10 minutes. Then , she left me for night bath. This had been her routine!

After 30 minutes, she came with only bath towel. A small towel. 

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She could not control her cleavage showing as 38 inch boobs was overflowing! She removed towel and changed to nightie!

"Do you want to go for marriage?"

"why do you start the story again", I said.

'Sorry, I got angry when said first. Now you tell me. Can we go?"

"Kishore is good friend...he Came decently and asked me"

"okay, okay....we Will go...Are You happy now?", she said.

"why do you changed your idea", I smiled.

"I would have fought if you insisted...But, You surrendered and hence this pity" and she laughed.

"Vicky might come", I slowly said.

'I don't care about him....Let Him go hell" she said haughtily!

"I like this haughtiness honey...In Fact, this haughtiness only distinguishes you from other girls" I said!

"what today also, I gave you my blessings to you by putting my foot on you!", she immediately hold her tongue by her teeth! She made me to remember, I fell her feet only in the same day.

"hey! Can I get blessing now in night also!"

"my God! No...I Am getting sleep" and took bed sheet over her.

Still, I was messaging her feet. She slowly put her feet on my head and laughed. I hugged her and said, 'Thanks Queen!". She burst out laugh and hugged me....! We slept.

Next day 8.00 AM!

I was in Puja room!

"what are you doing here", she said!

"I came here to get your blessing"

"chew chew! I thought, this was only one day show", she said angrily!

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"pleaseeeeeee, yesterday was great! So, pleaseeeeeeee", I pleaded.

"Please understand, I feel awkward when I put my feet on your head!"


"no, no, I am going kitchen", she said.

"without your ashirwad , blessing I will not go!', I said!

"Its your wish...You Said about important meeting today"

"yes...If I don't go, I may lose my job", I smiled.

"You are doing too much"

She walked only with nightie with nothing inside. Her buttocks and boobs swinging inside her nightie violently!

I fall flat her feet! She lifted her feet and put on my head! I could see her big thighs through that gap! No matter how much we see that naked, these side shows are giving immense pleasure. Is it not!

She put her feet on my head!

"Please tell", I said.

"okay pa, be good" she said laughingly!

"hey, please don't give respect....I Am your slave", I pleased.

"Okay da" and she put her right feet on my head! I kissed that leg.

"please do that with your left leg also"

"chew chew...get Up", she smiled and started to running towards kitchen!

"hey please"

"Please go to office....Don't Lick my feet" she said with a laugh!

My cock was getting tense. I liked this!

"Okay Trish...If Meeting goes well, I will give a gift for you!"

She blushed.

Is it?"

"Yeah! If you do like this, I will give daily gift"

"mmm if night means okay! But, will you ask in morning?", she laughed!

"hey! If you do in night, it will look like sex. Morning means, it would remind me that queen and God is waiting in That, I will not look other girls", I laughed!

"oh! You have that desires also?" she laughed.

"which desires?"

"other girls..You said" 

"hey, I was kidding", I laughed.

"I have no worry...she Would run after a day with you" and laughed!

'hey, Hey, what did you say?"

"mmm I said, there is no salt in chutney", she ran laughing. I chased her when she was running. 

"please go office officer", she teased me!

Slightly I bent again and touched her feet.

Enough today", she said.

I pinched her chinn and started for office.

I liked these gently femdom shows. That day Night....!

Trisha was cooking in Kitchen. I went to kitchen.

"trish, What is the dinner?", I inquired.

"Idli pa"

When she said that sexily. I was getting mood. My mind, as usual, went to femdom thoughts.

"Can I help you?", I asked.

"I have completed everything", she said naughtily,

"mmm All these kitchen vessels.... Can I wash it", my cock was becoming thick.

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"mmm darling, do that. If you do it correctly, I would give lip kiss:

Nice, Eagerly I washed all kitchen vessels. In 30 minutes, I washed everything. Then, proudly, I showed that to her. She saw that like in "Big Boss",

"Nope! Not cleaned no lip kiss", she smiled naughtily!

"Hey, this is cheating pa", I complained. She was laughing like anything!

"Hey no cheating and no boating, Now you go" she admonished. I came out and went for hall! After 5 minutes, she came with plate of Idlies.


"No, I don't need"

"are you upset! I was only kidding you", she laughed and said.

"You said, you would kiss if I wash..."

"So, you won't help, if I don't kiss right", she was looking me with false anger!

"Hmmm not like that, you only volunteered to kiss!"

She immediately took my face and gave a deep lip kiss.


"Nay...not enough", I said.

"What more you want?" , she laughed.

"I want ashirwad, blessing"

"aha...there is no limit for your devotion...always falling at my feet. Are males do this?"

"Whatever you say, I do... I feel happy being at your feet", I giggled.

"First you eat!", she was giving the plate. I refused to take it.

"Trish, you know, I have many desires in my heart!", I pleaded.

[Image: trisha190416-162.jpg]

"What is that, Tell"

"but, you should do that, Give promise First"

"First you say, I would not give promise without asking. Is it sex?"

"Hmmm I won't even touch you"

"then okay, tell me that", she said.

"First you sit", and I took her hand and made her sit in Sofa!

"Put your one leg on another"

She sat there like God, and saw me haughtily.

"Now, Take that plate of Idlies" and then I bent before her like LKG student. She was confused.

"Now you have to feed me like mom do for kid"

"oho! this is the buildup! Is this you said without touching...cheat", she was laughing!

"Yes feed me, not as mom does to kid, but", I hesitated.

"Come on...tell", she became curious.

"Like feeding dog", I said. She was shocked.

"You mean, I should throw"

"Yeah, like that!"

"Are you crazy my hubby! Are you mad!"

"Nope. Like dog, you feed me"

"are you mental? Why do you think like this! I have lot of respect for you my hubby! How can I do this"

"Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee", I was pleading.

"You sit next to me... I feed you like mom do to children"

"nope, Feed me like you do for dog............ Please", I pleaded. She was laughing.

"Okay, Not full Idly, Just a piece, my darling, My rani, pleaseeeee".

She was looking at me angrily. I was pleading with my eyes. She took a small piece and said,

"Okay, this is the last time... After that no" and she looked at me. I positioned myself by bending before her. My knee on the floor. She threw a small piece. I 
tried to grab it. I fell from my mouth and fell on floor. Her angry became laugh now!

"Can't you catch it properly", she was laughing. Next moment, I grabbed Idly on floor by mouth without touching. Probably, this sight made her very proud. Her 
face showed that. I quickly saw her panty. Her cunt juices was coming out! Even hard sex talk would not normally leak like this! Obviously she felt good when 

she was dominating me.

"Another piece pa" I said.

This time, she was throwing another piece! She put it at far place and I went for that! Obviously she was in mood. She put another piece. It was done continuously. I could see her haughtiness now. She was folding her legs now. She was sitting like Maharani or God! Obviously she was getting mood!

"You want more!" , she asked huskily!


"Come near!"

"Hmmm show ahhhhhhh"

She put another piece. This went near to her chapel. She was laughing!

"Go and Take it!"

My cock was getting stiffened up! In four legs, I went near to it! I was getting more mood now!

"Enough?" she asked.

"Some more!"

"Where else can I put it!"

"You can put anywhere in Hall", I said!

"Nope! I am getting pity" and she started putting Idlies all over the hall. I was trying to grab it. My lungi became loosened up!

She was seeing my cock now! She saw that and laughed. Then she went to kitchen. I was watching her buttocks Waving insider her nightie! Her eyes was on my cock. Slowly, she was rubbing her cunt on nightie and eating.

"Thanks Trish", I said.

"Okay... I am feeling guilty", she said!


"Hmm I treated you like a dog!"

"Hmmm, think me as your dog or slave dear!"

"We wive are slave to husbands", she said.

"No, I am slave to you", I said.

"Drop ths talk... But, please don't this anymore"

"why you don't like this" and slowly I lifted her nightie. Her cunt was leaking like anything! She was looking at me as if when I am going to lick it! Now I put a 
finger in her cunt hole and moving it forward and backward!

Slowly, I was moving my finger fast!

********** "Please switch off light", she pleaded!

"Let there be light on today!", I said and in one finger started rubbing her clit! Unknowingly, as she spread her legs, I could sense the wetness in her cunt. In one finger, I was rubbing her cunt. 

Trisha was breathing heavily. I just twisted her clit slowly....she was breathing heavily!

"Now tell me Trish, who am I to you!"

"Hmmmm", she was moaning in pleasure!

Slowly, I unzipped her nightie and in one hand message her breast and in another hand exploring her cunt! She was moaning and he sound filled the room!

'Tell Trish...Am I your hubby or slave"

"Hmmm slave", she moaned!

"Will you feed me daily like this?"


"You like this? right" and I stroked her cunt in my thick finger!


"please tell"

"please stroke my cunt...It is heaven...I am not able to control myself"

[Image: indian-actress-trisha-krishnan.jpg]

I started stroking her cunt with my finger.

"aaaaaaah do it hubby", she said!

"please say, do it my servant Trish" and I kept on stroking her cunt!

"Okay da....please continue my servant" and her hands started rubbing the pillow. I started licking her boobs and in another hand shaking her cunt/

"aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh", she was reaching her climax. Her cunt started secreting tons and tons of fluids! She reached her climax. She was moaning an finally settled. I mounted her and hugging 
her! She took my finger from her cunt and cleaned it!

"are you not going to fuck me", she asked.

" be in the same mood and I too want to be in same mood and I am not going to disturb my maharni and God", I said with smile!

"Cheiiiiiiii, I too have stated thinking myself as Maharani for you", she chided!

"Thats is true..You are my Lord", I said!

"Chee, now get out" and she pulled the bed sheets and started sleeping!


Next day, morning 6.00 AM. She was opposite to mirror and combing her long hair ! What a beauty she is! Her long hair was awsome!

'Good morning Madam", I said!

'Madam, how respect for me is showing in morning itself", She laughed!

"Yes. Hereafter, I am going to call you as Madam only", I said!

"Hmmmm, What is this new story?", she said!

"Hmmm , the new story is that I had a dream yesterday! It happened like that only"

"What was the dream?"

"In the dream, I was your servant"

"Please dear...........don't be always in slave mode", she chided me!

[Image: Trisha-Krishnan-HD-wallpapers-8.jpg]

"One more thing, you should not get anger, okay", I hesitated!

"what tell....tell please", she said!

"In that dream, I was your servant and not your husband"

"Then, who was my husband", she looked at me!

"Hmmm Your Ex-lover Vicky is your husband, I was his servant too", I said with smile.

"Karmam, Karmam, che, che How can you talk like this to your wife" and started moving towards kitchen.

"tell me dear, you still love him", I asked!

"This is too much!" she said!

"Hey, even if you love him, no issues. But, you know, I have no control in my dreams right!"

"Hey okay. Today Sunday....Go for jogging. I will start cooking", she said!

"Okay Maharani", I said!

"aiyo, don't say like call me Trisha as usual", she said.

'Okay Trish" and I started for Jogging! But, Already I could see changes in her as I mentioned Vicky name to her! Some Days after!

The marriage day of kishore came closer! I was sitting in my house with Trisha!

"Trish, Tomorrow is the marriage day for Kishore, Remember", I said!

"Hmmm I told you that we would go for marriage"

"What dress you want to wear", I asked!



"How means what?" , she was inquiring me with her eyes!

[Image: D1dc1-W9-VAAAe-Nv8.jpg]

"Trish, I have one desire"

"What, Tell me" she was asking me!

"All the people in the marriage hall should appreciate your beauty"

"All means what"

She knew I was referring to Vicky! But she did not say!

"Yeah, Vicky. He should feel that he had missed a beauty like you! He should feel", I said slowly!

"All those are not necessary", She said. But her tone still conveyed that she is missing him.

"Please Trish"

"Be quiet! Often you get strange ideas" she said. But, she start planning for marriage I know. She has good dressing sense. So, I am very sure vicky would be surprised. I received a call from friend. Since signal is weak in house, I went balcony.

I saw Trisha started eating and watching serials. After speaking with my friend for 5 minutes, I came back to hall.

"You are eating without me", I laughed.

"Wait, I will bring plates"

She went to kitchen by keeping her plate in dining table. I took that plate and started to eat.

"Hey, why do you eat that" she said!

"This is prasadam.amrit" I said by closing my eyes enjoying the taste!

"Leave that plate. I ate in that! That is used one", she said

"No, No, I want only this plate you ate! I want remains of your food darling", I said.

"OMG... What happened. It has become daily himsa with you daily"

[Image: D5to-IHDU0-AA5-Ky.jpg]

"Please Trish"

"My God, okay eat", she said.

"Don't you have rasam?" I said.

I want to jump next level of Femdom.

"No, Only sambar is there? No Rasam"

"No, You have rasam" I said by pointing my finger at her!


"Yes, You have"

She got confused. She looked at herself.

"Are you mad? Eating is enough. Give the plate" and grabbed the plate. I washed my plate and went to Bedroom. Trisha came in Nighties and sat with me in bed.

"Trish, You have rasam right"

"Rasam, rasam, rasam, what happened to you? What are you talking about?", she said.

"Don't you understand...come near.sorry, sorry come near madam", I pleaded. She came near to me. I lifted her nighties. I pointed at her cunt.

"Some will come out from this is called Rasam"

"Che.Che... I am getting vomiting sensation! Don't talk like this"

"OK! I will call this beer! Can I call this beer"

"Don't call anything", she said.

"Oho! This is pannier"


"Yeah! My maharani pannier, divine water" I said. Slowly my hand finger penetrated her cunt, Even though she was telling that she did not like, her cunt was 
secreting tons and tons of fluids.

"You are excited Trish", I said.

"Where do you study all these?"

"I did not study. I get these ideas voluntarily.... Your fluids are my pannier... I can do a lot!", I chided her!

"Chee, Chee what will you do with that with my piss", she said.

"Can I say"


"no, say "My slave say""

"Okay...My slave say! What will you do with that", her voice was curious!

"Fold your right leg on left leg and ask"

I bent before her. At that time, her feel touched my cock.

"Madam, I will taste your pannier!"


"May be bad coffee?"

"Cheiiiiii, Bad boy. Irritating to listen. What else?"

"No, I just say my desires okay... If you don't ask, I will not say!"

"Okay Hubby...sorry my slave"

"I will taste your panneer like a dog"

"Atrocious, then"

"May be my friends too. I mix in their drinks"

"Chei.... I kill you if you do that! Your friends are like anna to me... I will never do them these", she laughed.

"You don't have to... I just said my desires!" I said.

"My God, Is there anything else you have to say"

"Many. One fantasy I say, I should lie on floor. Then you have to stand over my face and slowly you have to lift your petticoat and spray your panneer"


"Yes! That means, you have to piss!"

"My god! You are becoming neurotic! We have to check doctor"

"You are my doctor", I said!

I could see her cunt soaked with manmatha fluids. Her cunt leaks tons and tons of liquids.

"Bastard, I feel like sitting over you and rub my cunt on your nose", She shouted! Even I was stunned. All of a sudden, she took her feet and asked me to 
worship it! I took her leg, I started chewing her big finger! Using my salive, I cleaned her feet! She was sitting and allowed me to clean her feet!

"My God, you have corrupted me... Please lick my cock", she said.

She started closing her eyes. I put my mouth in her cunt. I used my tongue to lick her cunt! I started licking the fluids and I kissed her cunt! In slow motion, she parted her legs and showing the cunt hole to me. I started licking and licking her Jeera....Badam Kheer! I liked licking more than fucking! This is a new pleasure. 
In my mind, I felt that I have only rights for licking her cunt and not fucking her! My cock became steel for the first time, when I thought about this! I started kissing her cunt and tasting her clit!
"Haaaaaaaaaaaah", she started moaning!

"Madam, Am I licking your cunt correctly"

"Hmmmmmm nice"

"Tell something to excite me" and to make her more incited, I stopped it for three minutes!

"Bastard start... Lick my cunt like dog...You doggie", She started crying in pleasure. I continued my service and licking her!

"My God, What a lick... Even a dog can't lick like this.... my God", she shouted in pleasure. Still, I was licking that!

"Will I get your piss madam"


"I will gift diamond necklace?", I tempted.

"No way."

"What should I do to deserve that?", I pleaded.

"I need 10 inch Vicky cocks.... I you allow, Perhaps", she moaned!

"Sure... Hereafter, I will lick, and he will" and started sucking Trisha mouth! She would have felt the Manhattan waters of her own cunt now!

****** Next day!

Evening 5.00. It is time for Kishore marriage reception.

I made a call to Trisha.

"Hello, Trish Kutty, are you ready?", I inquired.

"Hmmmm, I am getting ready! Where are you?", she question me in phone.

"I will be there in 5 minutes. I am on the way", I said in phone while driving my scooter. 


"What dress Trish?"

"Please don't talk in cell when you drive dear! Cut the phone" and she cut the call.

In next 5 minutes, I reached the home and saw Trish! My God!

Pink colour blouse! It was very tight. Backless blouse. It was threaded type. I could see half of her back! In yellow, a transparent saree she wore! I could see her navel. Saree was worn well below the navel. She had applied herself a light lipstick and was in full makeup. In short, she was looking like a doll waiting for fucking!

[Image: 13781685-1811688515777302-1329732790310675228-n.jpg]

"Trish, I asked to dress in some other manner", I said.

"What do you mean? What some other means?", she said angrily!

"some other means...means", I extended my voice!

"No, No, I will come like this only", she said authoritativly! 

"You look so homely", I said but told myself that "Trish , you are looking like slut waiting for fucking !"

"It is ok...I am only looking homely"

She did not realize that she is looking like a prostitute!

"Okay, I am looking like homely girl"

I thought myself that, my God, does this homely mean in your town! Then we started for marriage hall and next scene starts.


When we entered, all are noticing her only. I could see, all men in the hall looked at her greedily! I could hear their mental voices!

"Hmmmmmm looking Good..highly fuckable"

"My God, what a saree...shameless"

"My God, why didn't I get a lady like this for my wife"

"What a body! Even I can bang and go to jail"

"Either I should fuck her or atleast lick the fellow who fucked her"

[Image: dab3861bbf1847442d8c2c2009fbad77.jpg]

"Let her be my daughter friend, then I will kill her"

"I should lick the milk out of her!"

"What a butts...I want to lift her saree and lick her cunt"

"Hmmmmmmm"  (One fellow mind voice)

"My goodness, How did he get this lady as wife! He was dumb in college"

Like this, many mental voices were around! I could sense the feelings of all people. I could see, all men eyes were looking at her. She went and sat in a chair. I followed her and sat next to her. There were two college fellows sitting behind her....I could almost hear them!

"Bhai, Can I pull the thread of her blouse", one fellow was telling !

"Do it buddy", another fellow said and laughed.

I was enjoying the conversation and looked out for vicky! Vicky was the one who ditched my wife when he studied in the college. I wanted to show that that lady is sitting like maharani next to me! I saw Trish. She was folding her one leg on another and sitting like a maharani! Command and power radiated from her face! She was looking at the bride!

'Why did your friend marry this lady...very average girl", she said proudly.

"Why Trish, she is looking Good only", I said.

"OMG, only you will appreciate...then, marry her" , she said and laughed!

"Hey! Why should I marry when I have maharani like you", I said.

"My God, I feel now you will fall at me feet and embarass me" and she amiled naughtlity. I almost felt like falling at her feet! At that time, I spotted Vicky! 
Immediately, I looked at Trish to see her reaction! Before me, it seems, she spotted him!

"trish,can we go to give Gift", I said.

"Let us wait for some time", she said.

"Okay then. I will go and meet my friends", I said. My actual intention was to create a space between Vicky and Trisha and I wanted to see how they would 

"Okay, I will talk and come" and picked a friend. During the conversation with him, I was noticing my wife in my side view. I saw my wife was sitting in the 11th row. I could see, Vicky was walking crossing rows one by one. I was very eagar to see my wife reaction to Vicky! My heart thumped. I could see my perspiration even in AC hall. I saw, vicky was nearing her closely.

"How are you Trish", Vicky was calling my wife. My God, still he calls her affectionatly as Trish! I could see, Trish blushing! Her face was beatroot red!

"Hmmm wife" and she was combing her head with her finger during this conversation.

"Where is Raju?", he was inquiring!

"he has come. He had gone to see friends" and she was searching for me, I hided behing a big pillar. I could see Vicky eyes were roaming Trish. I could see, his 
eyes roaming her boobs! Trish could see this! She adjusted her blouse and bra!


"You have changed a lot Trish", Vicky said. I could hear that! She was looking at him without saying anything! Then he asked her,

"Can I sit here?"

"Hmmm Yes" and she moved to the next chai so that Vicky can sit! My God, they look like husband and wife! I thought Trsh would get angry at Vicky! Instead, 
she was giving him a lot of space. I was closely watching them behind a pillar!

"Sorry Trish", He told her slowly!

"For what?"

"For everything", he said.

"Leave it", Trish said!

"How is life going?", Vicky said.

"okay...Going somehow", Trish said. He was looking her!

"Are you married?", slowly she asked!


"why?", she was looking at him!

"Don't know", he said slowly and stood up!

"Please sit Vicky", she was asking him through her eyes!

He sat back again! His eyes were watching her again! Trish knew thet his eyes was roaming her body! It seems she was enjoying it!

***** was hiding behind the pillar and hearing the conversation between Trish and Vicky! Finally, Trish Broke out!

"Vicky, what was your problem?"

"What problem?"

'Why did you come and met me?", Trish inquired.

"Why should I come", Vicky replied."

"For what, for sex only", Trisha was smiling! 

"Sex? Trish, do you remember all those things still! What about your husband?", he inquired.

"Hmm mm, he is good. But not in sex. You know, I am addicted for sex. I like people who do sex roughly. You know, Raju is weak type", she was laughing.

"Oh, Is it so?"

"Oh! Yes. He is so good. But not my type. I need dirty dialogues during sex... In fact, I like people who curse during sex acts"

"Oh", wondered Vicky!

"Our chemistry was good!", trish replied. On hearing that, I could see, Vicky was placing his hand on buttery Trisha hips!

"My God! This is public space", Trisha chided!

"Then, we will go. I know some private space in this marriage hall", Vicky was telling Trish!

"What for?", trisha was asking him!

"Hmmm to discuss inter nation politics!", said Vicky!

Trisha was giggling. Her hands was on Vicky pants. I could see something is going to happen. I knew Bridegroom was his closest friend. So, I assumed that if at all something could happen, it 
could happen only in his room. So, I presumed that and rushed to bridegroom room!

I was silently praying that vicky and Trish should come over there!

After 5 minutes, my prayers were answered. Both came to that room. I was hiding behind a big almarah and could see them!

"Vicky, I need this iron rod" and I was Trish was placing her hand on Vicky pant. I could see she was grinding his cock.

"Hey, why are you grinding it", Vicky was laughing!

"Yeah I would grind it and I would even bite it" Trisha was goggling. Vicky was removing his pant and soon, I could see his 12 inch rod! 

"Bastard... Mouth watering", trisha said. 

"Not new...You knew it from college days!" he said. 

Then something was noted for me! Oh! That means Trisha was not only loving Vicky, but also having sex with him! I was thrilled. My cuckold mind was activated and my devotion for trisha became much more!

"Open it!", Vicky was telling trish! When he pulled it, Trisha jacket was off in a second. I could see, he even torn the hook of bra!

"My God, this is 10th time....My bra hook is gone" and Trish laughed! Vicky was handling big boobs. I could see him licking and playing with her boobs!

I was having enormous pleasure. Before my eyes, trisha was having fun! My cock was hardened!

I was Trisha boobs were oscillating like pendulum.

[Image: Dvd-Ad-X2-Vs-AATh-Py.jpg]

'What a boobs', Vicky was wondering!

"It was because of you! You were chasing me in college. You were addicted to this", Trisha was laughing!

"Yes, I was addicted to this! Are you getting bra for this size?", Vicky was asking Trisha!

'Difficult only dear! Needs special order", trisha was giggling! By that time, Vicky was grabbing Trisha lips and could see, Vicky chewing Trisha lips. He was kissing her and at the same time grabbing fondling her boobs! Both were hugging and kissing. Slowly, he removed her petticoat as well. Soon, they both were nude.

"Can I lick you Trish?", Vicky was asking!

"My God...My hubby would do that", trisha was laughing!

'Is it?"

"Yes... He is Phd in that", she was laughing again!

'Then what should I do", Vicky was asking her!

"You fuck! That is the only thing he won't do!", she pleaded him!

Vicky was grabbing her buttocks and her cunt. He was massaging it! Trish was moaning. Vicky put his one finger, then two fingers and doing wonders in Trisha clit. She was moaning and shouting in pleasure. Like a tailor, Vicky was skilly stiching her cunt! He was continuously doing it ravishing her cult!

"My God, what a fucker you are", trisha was exclaiming!

"Does Raju fuck you regularly", he was asking her!

"Noooooo", I could see Vicky fucking her cunt with his finger! he skillfully managed her boobs as well as her cunt. Then, he took his finger and showed it to Trisha!

"Your mineral water" and he laughed!

"Stupid", Trisha laughed!

Then, again he put his finger in his cunt and started stroking her! 

"I to need your cock dear", Trisha was pleading!

"Okay, open your mouth", he commanded.

When trisha opened her mouth, I got fear. Vicking was dumping is big cock in her mouth! Trisha was sucking and licking it!

"My God, I may lose my cock it seems", Vicky was lauging!

"You know I like your cock! In fact, I loved you because of your cock", she laughed at him! She opened her mouth and started swallowing his cock. Vicky was pumping her mouth already! The way Trisha was doing it was amazing! She must have addicted to his cock! She rolled her lips around that shaft from bottom to up! She put her tongue in the wedge between his penis tip and started tasting it! Icky was moving his hip and started pounding her mouth!

By shaking her hand, Trisha was skillfully managing it! At times, she struggled but managed to suck his cock. Vicky cock was full of Trish Saliva and looked shining. Even, I developed a craze for him! Even my cock hardened!

'Okay! Somebody may come...please start', Trisha said.

Vicky put his cock in her cunt! Slowly, he pushed his cock and soon started jet like! Trisha started shouting as Vicky was fucking her fast like an express train.

What a fuck!

"AAAAAAAahhhhhhh reduce speed", trisha was moaning!


"It is paining"

"Let it pain!' and he increased his strokes!

"My God, my cunt would tear", Trish was complaining!

'Let it tear off", and Vicky was increasing her strokes! As Vicky was increasing his speed, Trish was comfortably taking his full cock and moaning.

"Aaaaaaaaah", Vicky was thrashing his teeth and fucking her! As he fucked, the whole body of Trisha was shaking!

Even I was stunned. I never imagined this! My fucking was just a 'Mosquito bite" compared to this! He was pounding her.

"My God, What a fuck", Trisha was exclaiming!

'You deserve this Trish", and he increased his speed.

[Image: DKPPaak-UIAE-1-IW.jpg]

He was pounding her like anything! At last, after 10 minutes, Vicky cock ejected with trucks of white fluid. Majority went in Trisha cunt! Some flowed outside and well in to her thighs! My God, It was a large day stock it seems. So, Trisha was soaked with his cum! 

Still, Vicky was pounding her! and he stopped only when last drop of his semen entered into Trisha cunt! They rused back to marriage reception hall. I waited for them to go to hall. Then I spent some time there and returned to hall! I could see them parting the ways cautiously. Trish was returning to 11th row back to our old seats and Vicky to the last 25th row.

Then I reached the hall. Trish called me!

"Where were you?"

I was looking at her. Just now , she was nude and enjoying sex. Now she looks as if she is "Chastity personified"

"Where were you Raju? Can we go?"

"Hmmmm, Did you see Vicky?", I asked.

"My God! I haven't see him at all", She laughed!

I muttered "Oh! My God!"

"What did you say?"

"Oh! Nothing. We will gift and go!"

"Okay" and she started walking. I was following her.. I could see there are many fans for her buttocks! She looked at the bride and said,

"Why Kishore is marrying this mental" and looked at her haughtily!


"Kishore is smart! Then why he is marrying this girl?"

"She is rich pa", I said.

"Hmmm money makes marriage! Men fall if they see rich"

"No, she is beautiful also", I said.

"Who..she? Oh my god! she would be the last bench girl in our college", she scolded!

"My god, last bench means no beauty of what?", I said.

"Then, you marry her"

"My God, I am already married", I laughed.

"So what! You go with her and I will go with your friend Kishore", she said. On hearing this my cock thickened.

'My God, Did you see Vicky?", I started my slow interrogation!

"yes, I saw him" and looked into my eyes. I was bit curious! What will she say?

"Hmmm I asked him whether there was salt in sambar?", she was laughing!

"OMG! Don't kid me" and we moved to dining table! At that time only, a fellow came and stood before us! Who else Vicky!

"Hi da...How are you?, he asked me.

"Yes...I am fine".

Trish was looking at me angrility!

"When did you come?", Vicky was asking Trish with a smile! She looked at me!

'Just now", said Trish!

My God...What a chastity queen! I was laughing at myself.

"Did you eat?", he asked me.

"Yes...we have to"

I could see Vicky was helping the butlers to serve us! I could see, he took some extra care for Trish. I could see, he touched at her whenever there was some opportunity! 

At that time, I could see a college student was sighting Trish! Suddenly, she became proud. Slowly, she was talking with to irritate Vicky!

Finally lunch was over and we started!

'Ok Vicky", I said and started my scooter! She was sitting in the pavilion of scooter.

***We were coming in a scooter! 

I knew Trish was in confused mined. She had a great sex with Vicky as I expected. My calculations were right as I knew she would melt like snow before him. 

As I expected, She had a great sex with Vicky. But , her normal womanhood tried to hide it and she struggled to hide it to me!

I wanted to incite and excite her. I wanted to remove her confusions. Let us see!

"Why trish? You are so silent", I said.

"What to speak?"

"You will tell?"


"When I said sorry to you?"

"You tell why did you say sorry to me"

I wanted to come out of the circular arguments!

"Sorry dear...I asked sorry because I wanted to show like Maharani to see everyone...especially Vicky"


"That is why I asked you to dress well....Sexily", I said.


"Because I want him to feel that he missed to marry a great Maharani like you!"

This brought a slight smile from her! My God! My strategy is working. 

[Image: Dh-LKcb5-VAAAry2c.jpg]

"Whole set of people over there fel jealous at you and more so Vicky", I said.

She was silent!

"Please something!"

"Sorry again!"

"Why again?", she looked at me!

"Sorry, Vicky did not noticed you!", I hooked her.

"Who said he didn't notice me?", she said proudly!

"Did vicky noticed you?"

"What let me say that in home!", she said.

By that time, we reached home. Trish went inside our bedroom and started removing her saree! I went near to her and slightly kissed her chin!

"Tell me now", I said.

"Wait..I will change my saree", she said.

"Tell me you don't have anger towards me"

"No, I am not angry....I am happy that you allowed me to dress like this", she said.


"Like this as modern?", she said.

"This is homely", I said"

"My God. Saree is homely. But it becomes sexy if one knew how to wear?"


"So I wore it sexily as I can ...Wait, It is urgent" and she removed her saree and started rushing to the bathroom in only Jacket and petticoat!

In urgency, she even did not close the door and sat on the western closset by lifting the pettocoat! My goodness, she was not waering the panty!

"OMG, where is the panty?" , I asked.

"I won't say...please close the door and go"

As she was saying, I watched her closely. I could see traces of white fluid on her cunt! My Goodness - It must be Vicky semen !! Loads and Loads of semen was there! Suddenly, my femdom increased.

I bent myself and started sitting on the floor in doggie style!

"Hey what is that? White..", I said.

"hey please, Get out...I am getting shy", she was telling....she could not avoid smiling at me!

'Please, I am in urgency", she said.

"What for?", I asked.

"For this", and she started pissing. I started peeping it! She slighly slapped me and said

[Image: EEgsn8b-Uc-AAHixv.jpg]

'Mental, pagal...What are you looking at?", she said.

"What is it white fluid", I said.

She became silent.

"Will you forgive me if I say?", she said.

She stood and was about to flush her cunt with water!

"I will forgive if you don't wash your cunt", I said.

She was stunned.

"Mental...psycho" and she came out of the sorrow mood and started laughing. Her laugh echoed the entire room.


"Wait...I will wash it for you", I pleaded!

"Are you loose? Mental", she was laughing!

"I am not mental dear. Am I not having right to wash my wife cunt?

she stood up hesitatantly!

I bent and watched her cunt closely. There was lots of white fluid. I wanted to suck it badly! I took my face close to it!

"Hey, what are you doing?", she was screaming!

"I want to lick and clean cunt of my Maharani", I said.

"My God...we have to consult Doctor", she went to Bedroom.

I saw the piss of Trisha and reluctantly flushed it for her and reached the bedroom. By that time, she was shouting at me.

"Are you coming or not"


I saw Trisha was nude and looking for nightie! I didn't get a desire to fuck my maharani but only to lick her cunt!

She tried to wear nightie! But, before that I hugged her. I kissed her. My lips violently grabbed her lips. I started masaaging her boobs too! She fell on the bed, I too fell near to her!

"Trish, I love you"


"Today, you were looking like an angel...Maharani and God"

By telling these, I lifted her nightie and started putting my lips on her cunt. She tried to stop this...!

Slowly I asked

"Hey! Did Vicky fucked you nicely", I asked!

she looked at me! Her eyes looked at me deeply!

I started licking her cunt. Involuntarily, she spread her legs. I started licking!

"Do you know that?"

"I know very well....How was it"

and started licking her cunt cleaning her!

"Am I licking well?", I asked.


"How was vicky penis! What a big one...can I lick cunt more...tasty" , I said!

"Bastard, lick it...", she was pleading me to lick! I licked it thoroughly!

"My God, what a fuck Vicky is? What a fuck", she started screaming. Probabily she again rehearsed it again. But I was licking her cunt. I licked her cunt juices along with Vicky semen too! Unlike her other days, her cunt was very hot like a stove! I could see her breast tip was thickened. I was licking her cunt like juice.

"My God, you are a great licker", She said!

"Like Vicky was a great fucker!", I said.

"Are you not getting angry dear?", she asked slowly!

"Can we go to puja room", I asked.

"Why now?"

"I want to get you blessing! I feel like getting it now"

"My God, start sleeping now...I am tired" and turned up!

"please Trish...I am in great mood", I said.

"But I am tired", she said!

"Yes  I know. Vicky fucked you twice"

"My God, How do you know?", she asked!

"I know, Because I saw it"

"Don't you get angry?"

"Nope! Can I lick you"

"My Goodness...You will not listen...Okay. Switch off lights and lick", she said.

"Okay...You sleep:, I said.

Trisha closed her eyes. I slowly parted her legs and looked deep into the home. It is still having some semen even after my lick.

"You look beautiful", I said.

"To whom you are talking?", She asked.

"Your little sister is here...I am talking to her only....Lovers like to fuck this! But people like me only aspire to lick leaving bigger bulls to take care of this hole", I said.

Slowly Trisha started sleeping....But she spread her legs for me! I went on licking it! Only a fellow who has sex in his blood aspire to lick. Vicky semen, Trisha panneer and her juices all mixed up and gave a differant odour! Trisha was sleeping without aware of this!

Slowly, I started licking again! My journey with my Maharani will never end...even if Vicky comes!


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